Wednesday, December 26, 2007

December 26, 2007

Today I turned the page from Christmas to get serious about Africa. I mean really serious. There is still a typhoid shot due, a long list of phone calls to be made about the: phone, internet, utilities, newspaper, insurances, mail, cell phone, credit cards, bills, airline tickets, etc.... One doesn't just hop on a plane and escape to Africa for two months without attending to a million details. Today my goal was to figure out how to set up a blog site for friends & family to follow our journey. So far it's working & you reading this indicates success. Check that one off the list!

One wonders what sends two rational people away from the comforts of home and a loving family with 7 little grandchildren nearby. It's a mystery. You might say we stepped into a river with an inexorable current that carries us to far-away places and unimagined adventures. We hope you will share the next adventure with us.