Friday, March 19, 2010

Winter Wilderness

The Daniel Boone National Forest is spectacularly beautiful in any season. Winter spareness exposes its strong basic shapes.

Winter Flowers

Dollops of snow remind me of flowers on the winter greenery.

Winter Fun

Nobody had more fun than Alan when snows came. Trucks, scrapers, blowers, scoops--big toys for big boys.

Red Bird Winter 2

Red Bird Clinic never closed, no matter how hard the snow fell.
A rare blue sky turned snowy hillsides into shimmering grandeur.
Winter's gray tones soften the terrain.
The view that greeted us many winter mornings at our front door. Fog often obscured the mountains in any season, but especially in winter.

Red Bird Winter 1

Cardinal House is well-known to the thousands who eat meals here each year.
Even a fake cardinal looks beautiful under a coat of snow.
Winter was a long season of gray, white, and cold. The occasional green pine added interest.
Little streams and rivulets flowed freely to fill the Red Bird River nearby.
Thanks to Bob Pohli for this lovely view of the log cabin & wood shop from above.