Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Rachelle & Gracie fixed the salad.
Morgan chopped celery (that knife looked a little too sharp, but he did fine.
Madalynne helped with pie...she loves baking and eating!

We missed our familiar Thanksgiving at “grandma’s” house, but this Thanksgiving was good too. Rachelle & Jeremie and kids and Alan and I drove to Michigan to be with Rae Lynne & Rodney & family. We had little time but it was good. The kids played and helped, and we all watched our first viewing of Polar Express for the season. Rae Lynne tried steaming the turkey all night on a low oven, but did not know that her oven has a safety switch that shuts it off after so long. We awoke to just an ordinary morning, no aroma of a baking turkey to be found. So she cranked up the oven & got the big bird cooked in no time flat, with time left for all the other baking. It was lovely to be together. Late on Black Friday we ventured out into a store so I could finish Christmas shopping for the kids and leave the gifts with them for later. The time passed so quickly, but every moment was treasured with true thanksgiving.

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