Thursday, November 12, 2015

Good Bye Grandma Grace

    She was born in the shadow of Mt Hood & never forgot her western roots. When G'pa Ross transplanted her to northern MN, she stayed for love--for sure not for the weather. When Alan & I were dating I loved stopping by for lunch & a bowl of soup, which she made from scratch daily. Nearby would be a Scrabble or Yahtzee game ready to go. She shook her head as she remembered how often she scrubbed behind all the Riendeau boys' ears when they came to visit. She was a 'town' g'ma & ...had little time for the muss of the farm or the cabin. She had such a fun, impish quality to her humor & loved a joke. For the record, she was as surprised as any about her long life; after all, she lived life her way with cookies for breakfast, a cigarette if desired, & little activity that could be called exercise. I think she decided 2 wks ago that it was time to see g'pa again & was going to make it happen. Today they are together again. At her death I am remembering that in her 105 yrs she predates WW I & the automobile. She experienced almost all of the 20th Century & 15 yrs of the 21st...& I never saw her knickers in a knot. What a lady.

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