Monday, February 18, 2008

Core Values

The Kingdom of God

Core Values. You’ve heard of them, maybe even helped create some. Everybody has them it seems: business, education, religion, healthcare, institutions of every sort and stripe operate according to their defined core values. I’ve become rather dismissive of the concept of core values over the years, experiencing them as hopeful, but not real. Idealistic, but not implementable, and rarely lived.

Here at Kafakumba core values are not only articulated, but lived. They call them “Principles” or more accurately, “The Principles of the Kingdom of God.” These principles are based on the teachings of Jesus and provide the spiritual base upon which all of Kafakumba is built. Listed simply they are these seven:

1.) Community
2.) Servanthood
3.) Focusing on the least
4.) Trusteeship
5.) Nonviolence
6.) Love
7.) Unity

Practicing these seven, living them, building them into systems, teaching them, articulating and continually reinforcing them….if you come to Kafakumba you will not only hear, but will experience, the Seven Principles in tangible ways.

This is why we came to Kafakumba. It is why we believe that something unique and wonderful is happening here. After all, the result of living the Jesus way is to live the abundant life. And who can argue with that?

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