Sunday, February 3, 2008

Farewell Sister

Sister Josephine

You met Sister Josephine in the Dagama Home and Shanty Compound entries earlier. This week the children, caregivers, and nuns of Dagama Home and the Nutrition Centers said goodbye to Sister. She also stopped at Kafakumba to say goodbye. Although generally joking and laughing, that day she was very subdued. “We had many tears at Dagama Home,” she simply said. Brave, loving, and accepting of her new assignment in Lusaka, Sister will bring her special brand of love to the new venture. Evidently she will be training new novices there, but she was already talking about the large shanty compound near the convent, the many people who are suffering, and the small home for disabled children nearby. I can see her already: stooping to tie a child’s shoe, clapping her hands and singing with the little ones, stirring the sheema, checking the records, training the novices, joking with a visitor, whirling around from one job to another, serving others with the total devotion with which she would serve Christ himself. I hope I will get to see Sister again in Africa; if not, I know our paths will cross again.

The Catholic Church is very active in Zambia. I have heard that it makes up about 26% of the population. They do a lot of really good work here. Friends of ours who had lived in Kenya for years also commented about their admiration for Catholic charities there and the loving devotion of the nuns to marginalized people. The gift of their lives is really a humbling example of servant-love.

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