Friday, January 18, 2008

From there to here

There's no quick way from there to here. Even with airplanes it was a long and exhausting journey that began Tuesday in Indianapolis at noon with check-in and ended with our arrival at the Kafakumba Training Center on Thursday afternoon about 2. London's Heathrow is one of the most interesting airports in the world; the travelers journey from everywhere to everywhere. We had two overnight flights, so we remain very jet-lagged.

Here are some quick first impressions. Green and vast. The land stretched out like a plane of emerald beneath the airplane. The four hour drive north was through long stretches of undeveloped land, only occasional farms, and green from the rainy season. The rain poured down for part of the drive, creating white-out driving conditions.

John & Kendra Enright welcomed us warmly at their home here at Kafakumba. We are staying in a small apartment attached to Enright's large home that belongs to John's mother. We feel so privileged to be cared for so well. So far we have eaten our meals with John and Kendra and their sons (and anyone else who happens to be here), but within a couple days we'll be cooking for ourselves. That means I'll have to learn about how to get foods and cooking from scratch and learn it quickly.

So we have arrived safely. There is so very much going on and we are jet-lagged. You will hear much more in the future.


leslie said...

I was so please to read your blog and no you guys arrives safely. I am so excited to stay up of your page and view Africa thru your eyes I hope you will also post pictures. Please be safe and God bless.
Leslie Martin

Pat said...

Hi Gina & Alan,
Glad you have arrived safely and maybe Alan will rest and catch up on his sleep. Ha,ha..The weather is getting colder here. Tom's funeral is tomarrow, Saturday, January 19, 2008. We included you folks into the neighborhood flowers. Will collect from you when you get home.
Hope you enjoy cooking different items and maybe bring a few receipts home to share with us.
See ya..
Pat & Ted Hughes

Joy Homan said...

Gina & Alan, I am so excited to learn of you mission trip to Kafakumba through the United Methodist Mission Newsletter and the blog you will be posting. My son I were there several years ago with our church from Nappanee. You will be blessed in so many ways! I will pray for your time there and for what God has in store for the both of you as you begin a new chapter in your lives. Please tell everyone there Joy & Jacob say hello.

JB said...

Welcome to Africa! So good to know you've arrived safe and sound. Can't wait to hear about the grocery shopping experience! Culture sensitivity? Best, Jeanie B.

RaeLynne said...

I love to hear your stories. You know that I do not have the same draw to Africa as you do, but as I read your descriptions I think I would like to see things for myself on day. I look forward to seeing the work you will be doing. If you can, spend a little extra time at the orphanage for me.

Vicky said...

Glad to hear you arrived safely. Looking forward to hear more about your trip and your ministry. Vicky & Kelly