Monday, January 21, 2008

Picnic at Lake Kashiba

Saturday was quite an adventure. We joined John & Kendra, one of their workers and his family (wife and two small children), and his parents who were here visiting from South Africa. The plan for the day was to drive to Lake Kashiba and picnic and swim. Oh my goodness. Those were the roads less travelled. At one point Kendra drove while John and Alan pushed--we were going down a sharp edge that was creating a rock-lined waterfall in the middle of the road. On our return the guys had to literally build a bit of a road with rocks and then we all moved to safety while John (fondly called Johnny Rutherford) gunned a careening car up over the barrier. At one point part of the group's Land Rover nosed into a deep hole and had to be winched out. Another rut tore our tie rod, which required stabelizing the car and then guys crawling underneath to repair it. The pot holes, ruts, water, and general poor condition of this "road" defy description. The pictures hardly do it justice. We brought 5-year Beatrice into our car for part of the ride; in the middle of some of the commotion she piped up with "This has turned into a bit of disaster. Don't you think?" You must say that with a good English accent to get the effect. It wasn't a disaster at all. The day was really a wonderful one. The sun shone hot and bright on a day that had been predicted for heavy rain. Families and friends picniced and swam in a beautiful natural crater. The children played and got really dirty, having the best time. There was water everywhere from the rains, so Olie had great fun with his big Tonka in the mud and water. A little fire on which to cook sausages, circled up camp chairs, hot coffee--it really called for a toast. All three cars made it safely back--dirty--but none the worse for the wear.

P.S. There are no bathrooms or changing rooms at Lake Kashiba. It's been a long time, but I managed. :)

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Dorothea said...

Ah, so they were building the road, not clearing it! I love Beatrice's comment and can imagine it with that 5-year-old British accent. So adorable. Sounds like a delightful day.