Monday, January 14, 2008

Seven Little Reasons

We're leaving in the morning and there are seven little reasons it is hard to leave: grandchildren. Six year old Gracie crawled up in my lap a couple nights ago. "Grandma, do you have to go? Grandma, to you want to go? How long will you be gone? How long is 9 weeks?" The answers are easy-no, yes, 2 months, and forever-yet hard to say and harder to hear. Who would have guessed that kissing seven little children goodby would tear your heart right out. God bless you little sweethearts and remember to pray for grammy and grammpy in your bedtime prayers-- as we will you.

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Bonnie said...

I've often thought about this part but you'll be back before they realize. If they need an extra Grandma, I'll run right down there. Little Gracie sounds like such a sweetie. Sure do miss that age granddaughter. Taking 3 with me to Mexico for Spring Break. How exciting is that? Love you both, Bonnie