Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Beauty Shop

Meet Betty Collett, hair dresser extaordinaire

Moroccan Sand. Who knew? Well, Betty knew, and that’s the color of my used-to-be hair that she paints through the white of my current hair to low-light a more natural look. Whew. I’m so glad Betty knew. Finding Betty Collett was a relief for someone needing frequent cuts to keep short hair in line. Going there was always a pleasure. If there were others in the shop I just listened to and enjoyed the chatter of women. The topics seldom change from salon to salon, but here the southern accents and colloquial phrases were especially fun. Often the visitors were family members of some sort and over time I met Betty’s family in person or in conversation. When it was just Betty and I, we enjoyed conversations about our children, fishing, family members, work, quilting, mountain life and more. Like most other mountain people, Betty had no desire to travel. Her favorite places were her home, beauty shop, and the lake house where her husband and grandsons love to fish. Going to Betty’s was like therapy at times: an afternoon away from the office, a wonderful scalp massage, good conversation, a leisurely cut, wash, and color, and always the company of a fine woman. And yes, a good dose of Moroccan Sand always made me feel better.

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