Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The office

Mine is the corner office with windows on two sides. I can see the mountains over the buildings of the campus; my view generally goes up the holler toward the southeast. On sunny days I enjoy a bright least during the mid-day hours when the sun is overhead & not hidden behind the rounded peaks. I always personalize my space, so this office has a large collage of travel pictures on one wall & hand-painted African canvases outside my door. People warned me that my canvases would be stolen, but there doesn't seem to be much interest in African art around here. I work at the end of a long, quiet hallway & find the need to take a walk into the clinic & business office areas several times a day. The stretch & conversation are always good. It is easy to feel disconnected when one's work is solitary, on a computer, & far away from others; I don't mind, though. Occasionally it gets noisy outside when clients come to check out the new goods at the Community Store next door. My violets love the light & fill the sills with color year-round. It is a lovely space in which to work & just a block from our house; one could get spoiled.

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