Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quilting at the Senior Center

This heirloom quality quilt was hand-pieced and quilted by the women of the Senior Center

The favorite pastime for the ladies of the senior center is quilting. A few spend their time on jigsaw puzzles or other crafts, but most of the women are hardcore quilters. They alternate quilts, taking turns quilting their personal projects with others to sell. They turn lots of scrap material that comes into Red Bird into quilt tops; other they purchase themselves or find on favorite annual shopping trips to a fabric shop in Tennessee. Turning scraps of fabric into works of usable art is a talent honed by years of thriftiness & the continuing efforts to keep fingers nimble. One of the most pleasant experiences for those visiting Red Bird Mission can be had by spending a day quilting with the ladies of the Dewall Center.

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