Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Where Alan works

With a visiting workteam
In the woodshop

Alan volunteers full time at Red Bird, even more than full time. He cleaned & organized the wood shop, streamlining the equipment to create a functional workspaace, & refuses to let clutter impede anybody's work. This shop is the center from which he works. He often oversees teams (several at a time in the summer months), working both inside & out on campus buildings; in one rainy stretch he organized youth teams to paint trim in the shop itself. Projects ranged from building a handicap-accessible bathroom, reparing a roof & eaves, building in the service part of the cafeteria, laying flooring, demolition, enclosing storage, building shelving & storage, replacing garage doors, partitioning, finishing & painting an entire building, and more. His focus always remains on improving the buildings on the Red Bird campus itself, since visiting teams focus on community housing. He gave about 2,000 hours of time, donated equipment & supplies, & always works with much energy, expertise, & good humor.

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